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About Us

Embracing differences, Creating synergy

We are an executive leadership coaching startup with services that tie into admissions consulting. We are still in our early stages yet our vision promises tremendous growth.

We offer coaching for:


1. Executives who wish to grow in their careers and become leaders:

A walk with Coach Geetika, while you go through the intense & beautiful period of growth & share your struggles, fears, & insecurities.


2. Women who are facing a transition in their lives to gain control, confidence, and clarity:

If you are looking for a change and meaning in your life, then you are not alone, and Coach Geetika can help you help yourself during the transition.

Geetika's Story

I believe when you strengthen your strengths – you thrive, succeed and strive to be a better version of yourself. However, this realization has caused me many sleepless nights and bucket loads of tears to finally reach a stage where I KNOW what my strengths are and WHERE and HOW I should be applying them to be successful and happy.

I studied Information Technology for my bachelor’s and went on to specialise on Software Systems for my Master’s. I also started my career in IT services. However, I was not only miserable but also failing terribly at what I was supposed to be good at which in turn was impacting all my relationships, self esteem and self-worth. I quit after 4 very long years without any other plan in place only knowing that IT is certainly not my forte. Friends and family suggested joining Learning and Development. To my surprise I thrived and enjoyed every single moment of this journey. I love talking to clients. I love meeting new people. I love being the centre of attraction at every training programme.

It was long after I started my brand and my own programs that I came to know WHY. Why was it that I did not like the job of my chosen vocation and WHY is it that I thrive at coaching?


It is due to MY personal brand. A personal brand defines and decodes WHO you are, WHAT is important to you, HOW do you achieve that, WHERE do you use the elements to bring out your maximum potential.


If this sounds interesting to you, let's connect.

Meet The Team

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