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6 Tips for An Effective Job Search

Updated: Jun 1, 2020

The economy is witnessing huge shifts. Medical/Pharma and FinTech have emerged as strong holds. In addition, workplace cultures will see a huge change with flexibility of workplace. Working-from-home will stop being a taboo and organizations will begin to implement technology that allows one to effectively do so.

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How can you increase your odds of success and stand out to recruiters and hiring managers? Read on for my tips on navigating these uncertain times.

1. Personal Branding - This period of lull is a good way for job seekers to reflect on building their personal brand. Use this time to understand who you truly are and what brings you joy. Once you have clearly defined your personal brand then will you be able to showcase it in your resume and interviews. Identifying your personal brand keeps your messaging consistent across your resume, job search and interviews.

2. Upskill – Take this time to learn a new skill that will help to diversify your resume. If you notice a certain job requirement repeatedly in your area of interest, take the time to learn it. This will also help to plug the gaps in your resume if any. There are many platforms that are providing courses at very cheap prices like Udemy and LinkedIn Learning. Also Harvard has introduced many free online courses.

3. Stay positive and focused - Mental well being is important in these trying times. Do not let lack of responses or rejection deject you. It is easier said than done especially if you are trying to balance the needs of your family. Remember this is a tough time for organizations too. Think of ways to remain focused either by picking up an indoor sport, exercise, activities with family members or meditation.

4. Tailor your resume – Do not start applying to any and all jobs. Tailor your resume according to the job requirement and your skills and experience. A hurriedly sent resume, sloppy cover letter and unenthusiastic interview are all tell-tales. Do not fall into the apply all - trap and turn yourself into a job application zombie.

5. Seek out the experts – Did you know there are plenty of coaches that specialize in branding, resume writing and interview skills. A quick search on “Find a coach” on the Kasozi associates webpage can get you access to a coach that fits your budget. A coach can help you fine tune your USP’s and give you appropriate feedback on what you are lacking and how to land that coveted job.

6. Build an online presence – Build your LinkedIn profile and update it accurately. Participate in the various discussions that are occurring on the platform now. Do not feel shy to send out connection requests. Make sure to add a message before you send out the connection request and state your reason why you think they should connect with you.

Photo by Ben Kolde on Unsplash

While we all know these are trying times and the economy will only be worse before it gets better. Take this time to reflect on yourself, you never know you could come up with a lucrative hobby or passion that could end up paying your bills.

About the Author

Geetika is a professional Career Coach with over ten years of experience in guiding professionals to overcome emotional barriers to job search, navigate mid-career transitions and changing their mindset. She has assisted many professionals in effective personal branding, getting through interviews and gaining clarity in their job search journey. “Be the Change you want to see!”.

This blog post is also published at Kasozi Associates where Geetika contributes as guest editor.

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