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Beware! Has technology messed up your work-life balance?

The use of advanced technology has comforted human life but at the same time has messed up work-life balance. New technology is causing us to working constantly. With advancements in technology introduced into the workplace, you are constantly updating and do not get time for yourself. This tends to go under a lot of stress and workload which affects your mental health.

Data from research shows how Americans view the impact of technology on everyday life.

  • About 73% feel that technology has become distracting.

  • 69% people think technology is corrupting interpersonal communications.

  • 59% people think that technology hurts literacy.

  • Almost 85% people are stressed and anxious due to the workload of work from home.

People have complained about their mental health getting negatively impacted due to the workload and screen time.

Not only working people but students taking online classes also sit for 5-6 hours in front of the computer screens and add to that a couple of hours to complete their essays, etc. This causes strain on your eyes which in turn increases eyesight problems, headaches, and migraines.

Holidays are also ruined as you may have to be at a client meeting or work presentation on weekends too. You do not get to spend time with your family, your loved ones on special occasions and most importantly your 'me-time' disappears.

Additionally, new technology is becoming the new normal and is used by everyone like teens and millennials. However, the old generation is having a hard time using and assisting with these new transformations.

Last but not least it can impair worker's physical and mental well-being. Technology is having an even more profound negative effect on social well-being.

Are you too under stress, confusion, and anxiety due to a lot of technology use?

Are you too juggling while working from home or online college and school?

Let us know what part of technology stresses you more.

A coach can be the best guide who can help you deal with this.

Contact us to get guidance from our experienced career coach, Geetika Agarwal.

Blog piece by our content writing intern Srishti Adlakha

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