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Career Choice

Yes, I want to make my own career choices irrespective of parents and peers influencing me!

Because it's my career, my choice!

Freedom of choice in career for the youth is very important. Each one should have the freedom to choose any career they want to grow in. Young people making future career choices are doing so in an environment that often highlights the benefits supposedly wrought by individualization and reflexive choice.

All kids are different and unique in their way. All have different interests, qualities, hobbies they are good at. So one should decide her/his future path without getting influenced or pressurized by peers. Today’s youth should take a stand to pick a career that they have an interest in or they are good at because when a person works at a job that they are good at and enjoy it, then the output is exceptionally productive and of better quality.

Jobs are not only about making money it is about enjoying what we do in our career. For this, not only the educational system but parents and society is also responsible, opine physiological experts, who warn that the situation could also lead many students towards depression and anxiety.

The world is changing at a faster pace, and the dreams of each teen change accordingly. Every individual has the right to choose their career, and they have the right to live their dreams. Implementing this in today's competitive society can reduce the stress on freshers and bring out the best performances from them.

Are you too muddled about making career choices?

A coach can be the best guide who can give you an unbiased solution.

Contact us to get guidance from our experienced career coach, Geetika Agarwal.

Blog piece by our content writing intern - Riya Singh

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