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Dealing with transition

I am burnt out! Overwhelmed and exhausted. Yet immensly grateful and very very happy. Can someone have conflicting emotions at the same time.

It's 7 pm, I am not sure whether my day is starting or ending. Perhaps it's ending on the personal front when my son goes to sleep but it's also starting because now is the quiet period when I can start working.

Life has become like sand the more I try to hold it, the faster it slips. I am in such an overwhlemed state as I am trying to be more vigilant about my upcoming projects to get my start-up up and running at the same time trying not to miss my baby's first moments.

This is not my story alone as every woman goes through transition. Is this society's expectation from us or our own expectation from ourself where we are juggling multiple hats?

I would like to look at it like this - each time we add a new responsibility in our routine we are growing : by honing our skills and abilities to an upgraded version of accepting new challenges.

I love growing, it gives me a winning feeling when I successfully manage to give my best to all my responsibilities.

How do you dealing with transition?

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