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If you cannot be in awe of nature, there is something wrong with you!

Mother Earth, the nurturer of all life on this planet, has always led to many creations. Do we express our gratitude to her? We were still unsure about the matter. Why do we take nature for granted? It provides us with countless creations; how can we not be thankful for this? The destructive acts we perpetuate as deforestation, pollution, and many harms to earth every single day.

Despite knowing how valuable nature is, we are still unable to conserve it. The ones whose sole purpose is to destroy prove as a barrier and separate humans from nature. To keep our environment pure and valuable for future generations, we can unite to make our natural ecosystem more unified. Our destructive attitudes towards the environment will lower the value of nature, and one by one, every individual will crave it.

Indeed we never value-free things in our lives, do we? We usually tend to assume that everything available for free of cost, is to be used up till it is exhausted. Nonetheless, hold on it's not just about getting to the depth of the issue but also understanding its future potential. Taking into account others will reinforce our advantages both now and in the future. Thus it is true, "Nature's beauty is a gift that cultivates appreciation and gratitude!"

Share with us in the comments how would you show gratitude towards nature?

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