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Gratitude towards new technology and modern science

Mobiles, technology in healthcare , transport facilities, computers etc aren't we all using this for ages? But the breakout of this unforeseen and accidental pandemic proved to us the importance of modern technological devices. These lifeless tools helped to save numerous lives and are paramount in bringing families and friends closer due to travel bans.

Now the AI technology, blockchain, drones, and other advanced chapters in modern science are reaching new heights and helping humankind in a way we never expected before. The impact of modern technology is most keenly observed and anticipated within the sphere of human health care.

The situation in the pandemic was so bad that one day you were alive and the next day you were not. These technologies although born through human efforts served excellently and met our need of the hour. The modern environment has not only helped us tackle the present situation, but also prepared us for a tough future compared to our ancestors.

In Indian traditions, a device that earns your living is praised with prayers, a sign of expressing gratitude. Therefore, we would like to express our gratitude towards all the scientists and people contributing to research and development and the devices that made this possible.

Today you could read this blog with a healthy mind and body despite of the pandemic around.

Whom would you like to express gratitude towards?

Tell us in the comments. Share your photos and videos and tag us.

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