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Gratitude towards our workplace

It's been a week since the lockdown restrictions have been lifted and office has resumed. Swiping I-cards, greeting office mates at the elevators and occupying seats in the conference room feels like nostalgia. Everything should be same, yet feels different due to the addition of the mask. The familiarity makes one feel we are back to our second home.

What is so special about a workplace that it comforts you like your own house? We spend more than half of our day at our workplace. Along with putting our expertise to use, we learn and gain financial security. Along the way we also get warmth in our life due to the relationships we make and the support our companies provide.

We all express our gratitude in our personal lives towards friends and family members since they are involved in most phases of our life. Why not express gratitude towards our workplace which makes up a major part of our life.

The pandemic challenged both employee and employer. However, companies did very well and did their best to make the transition from work to home and home to work easier. Companies in many countries provided vaccinations to not only employees but also their close relatives.

Let's take a moment and thank our workplace whether it's a huge MNC or a small startup for being with us and providing every big or small opportunity.

Let us make this a movement where you express gratitude towards your organisation. Please share your comments, photos and videos and tag us.

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