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Social life in the pandemic

"Anything is possible when you have the right people to support you."-Misty Copeland.

Although lockdowns have benefited students with studying and learning from home, it has created many problems in a graduate's life in terms of expanding their connection and widening professional exposures.

The pre-lockdown era saw us in coffee get-togethers, fun treks, and birthday parties thus exchanging ideas and knowledge. These activities benefited us in both ways - providing exposure and developing friendships for emotional guidance.

Even though we can "chat", yet it isn't the same as talking. The conversations on WhatsApp groups do not seem as real and heart-touching as meeting in person. However, we are thankful to technology for keeping us connected.

In this virtual world of WhatsApp and Instagram are you losing out on friends due to the pandemic?

How are you able to nurture your friendships and create new ones amidst the pandemic?

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