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This little girl is me!

I was born in Kenya to upper-middle-class Indian parents. Both educated. Both were extremely happy at the birth of a girl child. I have always been treated at par with my brother. Taught to be fiercely independent, opinionated, well-read, and allowed to chase my dreams.

We moved to India in 1994, as a lot of the people we knew were moving back due to educational and familial reasons.

Excelled in school, bagging top-ranking positions not because I am intelligent or clever but because the most important attribute that has come to me by my genes - to work hard.

Got into a good engineering college. Started my working life in a good IT services company.


Something changed. On paper, everything looks great, too good to be true. Yet here I was feeling empty, without any purpose extremely sad and unhappy. For 4 years I woke up crying not wanting to go to work.

My parents moving to another city gave me strength and courage to quit this safety net I had created for myself and go look for something that would satisfy me, lead me towards my purpose and calling.

I happened to join learning and development. I began to enjoy it. I also excelled at it.

Life throws curve balls when you least expect it to.

I got married and moved countries. Very happy events.

I gave up my job. Very confusing period of my life.

While undergoing this transition -

I lost my confidence.

I lost independence.

I lost focus on my goals.

It took me 4 years before I could finally find my ground.


This is what inspired me to start the program 'Women in Transition'. If I could help any woman go through transition without being negatively impacted by it, I would have served my purpose.

I think it's my manifestation to the universe, that I now have a team of young interns, all girls who believe in making this vision come alive.

Together we spread love, positivity, gratitude, and empathy.

Why am I sharing this? Because 70% of women gain confidence by seeing other women do it. If I can overcome my hurdles - so can you!

#thislittlegirlisme #empoweringwomen #gogirls #icandothis #youcandoit

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