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Women - Getting back to work

'There is no force more powerful than a woman determined to rise.'

A transition is the process of an organism aging up in it's life from childhood to hitting maturity to its decline.

One of its examples is the transition of a woman in her lifetime. A woman is a beautiful and precious creation of God. Her life cycle starting from infancy to adulthood, getting married, having children, and most importantly, becoming a mother, is an experience which only a woman with a similar experience can feel. These phases no one else can truly calculate.

It is impossible to escape transition on this planet, but women face the most hardships.

Gradually she discovers that it's not just about the development of life and body but also the feelings and emotions. Moving on with the societal expectations and pressures makes her alert and helps discover her inner strengths and weaknesses that already persist.

These challenges increase her tolerance capacity, and as a result, we can see a so-called 'delicate girl' by society turns into the most multitasking superwoman. This article is dedicated to all the newly married women and new moms trying to come back in their halted careers.

Are you one of those facing these challenges?

You can share with us your journey during and after the transition. Also, let us know if you need assistance from our coach.

This microblog has been contributed by Riya Singh - Content Writing Intern @ Coach Geetika Agarwal.

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