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It was very helpful when the trainer helped to dissect and ask questions for us to dig deeper to give our answers. Also when she gave her personal examples to help us better derive our own answers. She is also very friendly and encouraging, which made going through personal details less intimidating. She is also very adaptable and accomodating to the changing needs of the situation.

Participant from Personal Branding Workshop conducted for a corporate.

Yes I loved it. Seems like I had been talking over the issues running in my mind after a long time. It feels lighter in the head after the session. Yesterday's session was very helpful in understanding the intrinsic motivation. I have been feeling much better through your sessions. Also listening to others feels like I am not the only one going through this.

Participant from The Online Living Room Series

Ms. Geetika was extremely helpful when I was preparing for my university interviews. She helped me lay a foundation for a ‘Personal brand’ which was essentially what picture of myself I wanted to paint for the admissions committee and walked me through various interview questions. I am tremendously grateful for her patience and persistence during the interview process since it helped me gain confidence in myself and give the best interview I could. 

I think writing that statement of bio for the personal branding workshop crystallized many things for me, must have shifted some things energetically, cos this evening I got a new student signing up for tutoring.

Participant from Personal Coaching for Women

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